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The New Era-Blending Heritage with Innovation

Since its establishment, the company has been in the hands of our ancestors, growing tremendously, augmenting its size and reputation with each passing moment while building a strong customer base who appreciated its steadfast commitment to uncompromising quality.

Moving forward to the present, the heirs were handed over the responsibility of the business, and from here, we had to maintain its legacy. We inherited our ancestors’ reverence for traditional artistry and craftsmanship, but we also recognise the importance of modern lifestyle trends.

To adapt to the changing times and lifestyles, we sought to create a unique blend of heritage and innovation & to make this vision a reality, we decided to rebrand our company and conceptualised the idea of adding a contemporary touch to our traditional artworks, which led to the birth of The Metal Masters.

Empowering Creativity, Preserving Craftsmanship

With its headquartered in Moradabad, the brass city of India, The Metal masters have always been dedicated to empowering local artisans by showcasing their talent to the world.  Each product of ours celebrates creativity and tells the story of craftsmen who meticulously shape their skills and talent into exquisite pieces of luxury.

With an extensive range of splendidly handcrafted wrought items from an array of resilient metals such as brass, copper, aluminium and iron, metal masters have left a magnificent imprint of India’s rich heritage culture almost all over the globe.

Celebrating Authenticity, Crafting Beauty

 With a motto of turning houses into homes, Metal Masters not only endeavour to make your home or workspace a true epitome of unparalleled beauty but also pay attention to quality, durability & long-lastingness.

We own an in-house manufacturing unit where we produce excellence by way of adopting the finest manufacturing practices, authentic materials, and steadfast commitment to quality.

Our Team

Yawar Ali Warsi

Chief Marketing Officer

Rehber Husain Warsi

Chief Executive Officer

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